Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Today i am ina mixed feeling of happiness and at the same momemt some thing is driving me back and make me to think about myself..where am i going?whats happening in my it what to focus on the professional life is so much betraying it waht studying well and concentarting on my career at some point ..pointing to me whare i am...i dont know and cant this point of time...but some confuion on whats happening,...but one point i am happy with one thing that happenned to my best frind wishing him the Best of Luck..trufully deep from my heart...
I was a half live bird today..tryinng to fly away from this hottest fire to the coldedt frozen mountain....with extreemism in emotions....i will be alright tomorrow..but need some sleep and attention...i dont think 2nd one is ok..will try 1st one now..gud night ..kuda hafis...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

undersatnd a X

DO you undersatnd your friend? do you know how your dearest one react to any situation...though we say about any one and claim that you know everything abt them...i dont really agree to this point...every person X behaves differently to different situations..its quiet impossible to come to a conclusion abt a persion X, though you spend 20 out of 24 hrs with its really quiet impossible to treat some one as good or bay..a bad may be good some times and a good may be bad many times.. so keep moving and dont come with any conclusion...but do good frm your side and that is the universal principle...

ethics or bucks?

i really really respect my ethics personally..and will respect and try to follow and wanted to convince atleast me in whcih ever thing i do..i give one to ethics rather than these fast faced world we all should value our emotions and keep the love active ..and which is much more more important than bucks...hate money and love realationships....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011

Hello Guys, First of all everyone a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2011,
Today i am really really happy with the start i had with the new year and everything was fantastic and timing was super,
I started to KNR yesterday with my friends and had a very good time in the journey with lot of mid way halts for a smoke...As i am supposed to quit right...oh i have quitt smoke now at the time of writing this post and its 23 hrs and counting....coming back to where we are..yeah had a good time in journey and dancend in the car for the good sound tracks from TEES MAAR KHAN...and reached KNR only in the evening , actually this time we(few out of 12 friends, will post an separate write abt these lazy dump guys) have decided to spend time with the family and no one was in any mood to celebrate wth each other...and decided to spend some good time in home before the clock tickles...we have reached home half past 7 ...i have spent good amount of time with my mom...had a very good and tasty dinner in home...and round 10 i came out to have a last few peacfull fags before i put down for ever...i went to a calm place and took 1 pack and have decided to spend the time alone till mid night and later called of the Dump(lovely) and found that they are also out and going to a friends home and i went there and we had a small gathering...few sips of RC..and few more smokes..and by the time we have reached new year...2011...we celebrated and wished each other...and later went home and spend very happy and special momnets wth my mom as dad was in a party and was out of town ..had a chat with my dad as well and wished him...this time i didnt looked it at much excitement...thought as if it is a one more day...but i definatly have plans to implement few more new out of it was to re unite some of the broken pieses in my family....i had a very good and sound sleep before i was been woken up by my mom...i dropped my mom to the auto pickup point...she gave 500 bucks(though i earn, but still i love to take the teddy amt from my feels me so specail & happy) for tiffin...i came home ...spent few hrs watching TV..but just realized..waht is the better way of starting my plans in this new year...soon i took my bath with the warm water and heartfully prayed the god for the support and enery he has given and giving me...and i have met my 2 grandmothers today and spent a fair good amount with them and patiently listened to them and addressed their small and funny concerns...and later had a luch in my uncle home....spent time with my uncle's little son,Mani,he is very cute and just crossed 1 year.....In the evening i met 2 of my Fathers whom we had a littile warm up things which will smoothen very soon...and spent a very good time with them...In the evening we DUMPS went to the farm house..the timing was very good...its almost around half past 7..we hardly had a look at the sun rays...and with in a few minutes we were surrounded by the thick darkness...we started the CAMP FIRE...and it was so special night... after the very good morning and very good day...we had a good chat together and small daru party...ended up by 9 and came back home....My dad came ..i spent very good time with him...and he had a small party in home..i know you guessed it rt.... spoken to my jiju and sister, they lives in US,DENVER and they also had anew year party...i have a dinner together with mymom n dad..before i started writing this post....I had a fanstasic way of starting the new year...and i hope to have these days many many more in future...moreover today i was very much relaxed out of the daily busy corporate life...and this day gave me very fresh thoughts to start the new year very newly....

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Smoke..Is it Difficult to Quit?

New year is couple of days away...everyone has so many new year plans,starting a new life,opening up an new Business,new proposals and new plans...a new fresh energitic if we are coming inti this world as a newly born kid...actually this kick should be always good and gives us fresh energy and new usaul this time i have taken firm decision..i want to QUIT SMOKE...yes you heard it correct..i want to scream loudly untill the echo reaches the far end of the river and reaches as high as the cloudy sky that i am QUITTING..actually i have tried it last year infact every new year...last year i made an attemp i was sucessfull rather but only for couple of months..but that experience gave me confidance that i can survive with out smoke....muje Nikotin ko bewakoof bana hai...usko chutiye bana na hai...but finally the word is clear this time i am quitting daru shoukld take little more responsible this time to give the immeduiate thump for initial few feeks...but i can come over it...lets see guys...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Past memories part1

After a long i have got a bit of free time to spend with myself,
.... i was sleeping till mid of 12 in the afternoon..and had a lunch with one of my schoolie frd, and were discussing some of the school days incidents...this reminds me the past memory of my placement days in vasavi college,when i just stepped into engg college(dont know any other profession at that time:)),didnt know what would be after the 4 yrs..and how is going to be after the days friends discussed about the placements that happened for my seniors and were discussing some companies as a hot list n were doing their own level of research..but it is 3rd yr when we were heading towards the placement season..the D:) season...some of the responses i heard are "hey do you know the recurssion program","hey did you know your response for TELL ME ABT YOURSELF","what is the package are they offering??","i heard we dont have placements this yr", a lot of mixed responses...i didnt get through in CTS who grabbed the lumsome bunch from my college..and didnt made up to TCS as well...and then comes the most discussed company in the list which ppl wanted to be through "KANBAY", i thought that i wouldn't even clear the 1st written test round..but some how i cleared it...and a little bit of hope n confidance piched in me...and i only thought one thing...why i am comparing with others who may have shown up statistically good records in academics than me..but i do felt that i have a unique confidance in me and never ever give up any thing in life so easily and never wated to compare myself(a.k.a VAMSHI KRISHNA DACHAVARAM) with any other person....then later the grp discussion ...the recruiters asked us to pick the topic..i just read abt the phone trapping issue of aish and sallu and just started the thread..and i shd admit that i did a moderator role and dicussed the pros n cons and i was satisfied at the end of the discussion..i didnt much focussed on the results...but @ end i was selected in 2nd as well and finally the personal Technical/HR round....the guy i still remember his face but didnt get a chance to trace him out in kanbay....he start asking abt interestes and y shud he take me n all such basic typical HR questions ...i was just telling the things that came up my mind at that time..and was clearly making him convey that i am CONFIDANT.....the complete Recruitment process took 1 whole day..and the results are out by 11 in the nt... we all were waiting in the auditoriam..aroung 200 -300 ppl ....the recruiters team came with a paper in hand and started reading the names
..and could see that they have 2 papers ....n my name didnt came up in first sheet..we were couting the numbers and holding our nerves...and then came the 2nd sheet and it was complted as well...i was rather disspointed and lot of things came to my mind and it was blank......while i was in that trauma my friend came to me n congratulated me..i didnt know y he is doing it....but later
iconfimed again and i was selected..i might me in a bit of nervousness didnt heard it claerly and that they have announced my name....i confimed it again ..finally i was really really happyy....even my parents as well....had a blast that nt with frends...though some one who was expecting it this time didnt made up and was sharing with me in my room....i have no words and i was in a bit of half mixed emotions..i only conveyed that YOU WILL DO IT FOR NEXT COMPANY....actually at the time of writing this post we are having a small party i am winding it up right here... part 2 continiues....